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The Grand Audition
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Beginning of Old Adventure naia28
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph Macstorm Ish Reader Average Total
Theme 8 6 8 6 28
Remix 26 30 25 21 102
Creativity 37 36 37 25 135
Production 10 9 6 6 31
Total 81 81 76 58 296
296 - Third Place
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Barieuph: Zelda II itself is a very under appreciated game. I find that snippits of the title theme have made its way into other zelda music, but that does not really affect the theme score. Your remix is very much like the original, but retains a bit of originality. Not nearly as warm and fuzzy as I would like it, but very good. It was nice to see how you orchestrated this and how nicely it weaves in and out between voices. The sound is absolutely top notch.

Macstorm: Beginning of Old Adventure gets points for theme by using the theme from Zelda II. Seriously, that has to be one of the lesser known or used themes around. The instrumentation of the orchestra feel is really well done and the overall feeling of the piece is very pleasing. While this might not be the most original piece, it is very enjoyable.

Ish: A little bit too reliant on repetitive themes that can get kind of annoying. I think the problem here is that the Zelda II theme is pretty dull to begin with, so there wasn't much that could be done with it. It's great for what it is, though.

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