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The Grand Audition
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Memory of a Dream Joelathon
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph Macstorm Ish Reader Average Total
Theme 5 8 10 6 29
Remix 20 25 25 18 88
Creativity 30 31 30 23 114
Production 8 8 8 6 30
Total 63 72 73 53 261
261 - Fifth Place
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Barieuph: The Windfish tune has seen its fair share of remixes. While its very pretty, the remix does nothing to stand alone from the original. Granted it is difficult to choose a GameBoy game, more can be done. The ambience needed to be tweaked a little bit, especially with Finale 2007, as the presets can sound a bit swallowed.

Macstorm: Memory of the Dream is a haunting piece. The instrumentation is dead on and melodic. I felt that the length was a little short just because I was enjoying it and wanted to hear a little more. Good marks for using Ballad of the Wind Fish.

Ish: Way too much like the original Wind Ballad - not innovative enough.

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