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The Grand Audition
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Procella Fermat's Last Theorem
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph Macstorm Ish Reader Average Total
Theme 6 7 10 7 30
Remix 25 32 31 21 109
Creativity 38 38 42 27 145
Production 10 8 10 7 35
Total 79 85 93 62 319
319 - First Place
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Barieuph: The Song of Storms is one of my favorite tunes from OoT. It's popped up every once in a while in a mix, but is a nice change from our traditional overworld theme (although I heard that in there as well). The remix itself flies in and out of being a complete carbon copy, and being very refreshing. The mix itself is very creative, For that I give you props. Everything sounds good, although I would suggest a different string synth for some of the passages.

Macstorm: Procella is a very enjoyable piece. Though "Song of Storms" is from one of the more well-known Zelda titles, the offering itself is unique enough to not take a major hit for the theme score. The remix is quite original while still maintaining a recognizable theme. The piece sound quite well-balanced and the dynamics are good, but they do have a few places where they seem a bit skewed.

Ish: Excellent epic piece that integrates the Song of Storms extremely well. The Song of Storms is a great piece to work with from the beginning, and this mix added some new touches as well as a new feel while still maintaining the original composure. Great work!

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