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The Black Antonio
Wings of Steel
Rock Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
MP3 The Grand Audition 2009 - Final Round (A Malevolent Masterpiece) Winner
Download: [Download (7028.64k)]
Comment: This remix opens with a composite of the Theme of Sorrow and Red Wings theme (the melody is Theme of Sorrow, while the insistent hammering rhythm comes from the Red Wings theme), which gives way to a solo, fugal exposition for the organ, using a quieter, more introspective stop. This leads to a classic rock section (1:55) which centres on the Theme of Sorrow, and contains a virtuosic solo for the organ across the chords of the theme. The original theme only makes its appearance near the four-minute mark, on the quiet, introspective tone. The Red Wings rhythm returns again at 4:54 in an intense extreme metal style, with the Crystal theme making a brief appearance as a screaming siren. Red Wings is only heard in its entirety at the six-minute mark, whereupon the remix ends on a reprise of the opening.
Done using Sibelius 4, and mastered using GarageBand and Audacity.


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