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Danimal Cannon
Saro's Vengeance
Rock Game(s): Dragon Quest IV
Download: [Download (4693.65k)]
Comment: This song is from Dragon Quest 4 for the NES and it is the music playing when you fight Necrosaro, he doesn't have a specific theme heard in the game other than during this battle. The source material, despite the extremely odd rhythms is actually entirely in 4/4 meter. That staccato grooving 4/4 is very similar to a lot of rhythms done by the band Meshuggah, so a lot of the arrangement is inspired by the sort of polyrhythms they do often. Melodically the piece resembled a lot of King Crimson stuff with diminished and some whole tone scales also hinted at. I expanded on that sort of idea with the whole tone breakdown in the middle and added in a 5/4 section during the solo where I was trying to emulate something King Crimson might do. The source material was pretty challenging but I really loved how it fit those particular styles.


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