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Deep Under the Water
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy III
Download: [Download (4806.84k)]
Comment: In celebration of the release of FF3 DS, I thought I'd dig up this old goodie and release it to the wild for the first time. The orchestration admittedly isn't my best, but of interesting note is that I got to give a CD of this to Mr. Uematsu last year.
The Lunar Frequency
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
Download: [Download (4644.12k)]
Comment: Well, I have been lurking at RPGamer ever since it first existed and I can't believe the last time I submitted a piece of music was...nine years ago!? Whoa. (The piece in question is the Black Omen MIDI sequence in the Chrono Trigger section.) Now I am finally back with this ambient arrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's "The Lunarians", one of my all-time favorite works of his. My aim was not to re-create the piece entirely but to enhance it; therefore this remix is somewhat conservative. Still, that didn't stop me from applying some electronic tricks, adding a middle section, and emphasizing the pulsating pedal tone in an attempt to maximize the potential contained within the composition.


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