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Sir Nuts
Source of Knowledge
Trance Game(s): Final Fantasy V
Download: [Download (4968.63k)]
Comment: Well It's been a while. This, contrary to my last submission which was totally orchestrated, is a remix of the library theme from FFV made in epic trance. I made this remix for the People's Remix Competition that is run every two weeks at the boards, so if anyone wants to hear other stuff by me or other remixers you can drop by there sometime.
La Marcha Final
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy XI
Download: [Download (5832k)]
Comment: This song is a remix of Vanadiel's theme from Final Fantasy XI. I don't usually make orchestral Remixes but I thought it would be nice to try it with this song. I made this song for the People's Remix Competition #61 that is being held at the OCRemix boards every two weeks. Anyways, hope you enjoy it.


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