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Master Hatchet
Illicit Encounter
Metal Game(s): 7th Saga
Download: [Download (5586.12k)]
Comment: "Illicit Encounter" from 7th Saga on the Snes. It's a metal (kinda Iron Maiden)Ê arrangement of the 2nd battle theme with a 'cameo' by the Boss Battle.ÊLive guitars, sequenced drums/synths. It got 6th place for the Dec/Jan Dwelling of Duels comepetition. The Theme for the month was RPG month, so do yourselves a favor and check out all the great stuff on the DoD website.
Blue Knight of Ballencetine
Rock Game(s): Ys III: Wanderers from Ys
Download: [Download (4090k)]
Comment: I received 2nd place in the monthly Dwelling of Duels competition for this tune. I think some of the guitar is a little sloppy, as I kinda rushed through this, but I'm overall satisfied with the end product. This will not be the last Y's cover I do!


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