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Take My Hopes and Dreams
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
Download: [Download (4312k)]
Comment: This is a full remix of You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX, with full original lyrics by me. I asked a lot from Georgasmaster, specifically for a key change, and as much liberty he could take from the piece while still keeping the melody mostly the same. He did that and more, even superimposing both the beginning theme and the second them towards the end! This is an almost finished version, but I plan to work on it and hopefully submit it to OCRemix within a month or so. Comments/criticism are especially appreciated on this.
Aria de Mezzo Careterre
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Download: [Download (4118k)]
Comment: I loved the opera scene in the game, but their version of the singing was horrid. I always wanted to hear a true english adaptation to the song, and despite that their own translation didn't really fit the song well, I was able to tweek it enough that it did fit. My friend georgasmaster did an amazing job arranging this piece, especially with the limited resources he had for classical music. There are some intonation issues that I may (someday) fix, though it probably won't happen any time soon. Hope you enjoy!
You Hear the Cry ~ A Cappella
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [Download (1672k)]
Comment: This was an experiment by me to see if I could create a replica of the original track from FF7 using only my voice. It required a lot of listening, recording, editting, and plenty of retakes, but I was able to get something that sounded close to the original yet was different.
Find Your Way - A Capella
Vocal Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Download: [Download (1788k)]
Comment: A request from someone to do the dungeon of FF8 after hearing the You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet, it took me longer to complete this one, having a wider range, longer overall track, and more parts. This piece only suffers from the lack of the "piano" part that comes in at 0:26 which is unfortunate, but it's near impossible to record that and have it actually sound good. Still a lot of fun to make, and a good challenge to pass away a couple days in the summer.
Zelda's Lullybye
Classical Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Download: [Download (1194k)]
Comment: A simple idea, a simple premise. Most lullabies have lyrics, why not make some to Zelda's Lullaby? The basis of the words was to think of the origin of the song, what Zelda's ancestors might have sung rather than really connecting it to the game. There is a game reference, though. Travelling to where worlds meet is meant towards the Temple of Time or the idea of moving back and forth through the Light and Dark worlds in Link to the Past


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