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Ian Eller
The Song Without A Name
Rock Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Download: [Download (2050.74k)]
Comment: This western-y, cowboy-y song (hence the Clint Eastwoodesque title) is a product of several nights of godawful boredom, which is partly why I chose to do such an easy, oft-remixed song in the first place -- it was just for fun. The guitar is real; everything else is decidedly not (I used the demo build of FruityLoops, which is why some of the spacing in parts is...suspect). Yeah, the arrangement is rather liberal as well, but it actually works quite nicely. I guess.
Time to Kill
Rock Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Download: [Download (1657.56k)]
Comment: What possessed me to do this I will never know. One night I just sat down and though, "I wanna redo a vg song." So I did. This being my first attempt, and since my skills as a musician are rather lacking, I picked a simple melody to alter: The Temple of Time, from Zelda 64. The style is...different...from the original, and it's probably not for everyone, but fans of heavier music should like it.


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