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Josh Brown
Dracula's Theme
Piano Game(s): Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 1
Download: [Download (3218.87k)]
Comment: Well... here it is. I basically converted the actual theme to a .midi and reconverted all the non-percussion instruments to the Piano. Then I reconverted it and the rest is in the file. :-)
You Can Hear the Cry of the Ancients
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [Download (1450.84k)]
Comment: Hello, RPGamer! This is my first submission, but not my first remix of a theme. Anyhoo, this is basically You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet with a bit of a change (first and foremost, there are drums in it rather than no drums!) and some rearrangement. Actually, this is how I would've made the theme had I been given the conductor's baton.


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