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Time's Anxiety
Rock Game(s): Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 3
Download: [Download (8801.4k)]
Comment: So who cares if I already subbed something last week? The matter of fact is that I have an audition piece and I'm not afraid to reveal it. ;) The source tune used here is Castlevania: CotM's Clock Tower theme, and it's here that I went all out on developing a six minute epic filled with as much darkness (obviously), expressive work and theme manipulation as I could cram in. Special thanks go to GrayLightning at OverClocked Remix for the MP3 render.
Time's Anxiety
Classical Game(s): Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Download: [Download (50.8k)]
Comment: Remember this incarnation of the Clock Tower theme? Yes, that was my audition piece for Around the Square, now in its original MIDI format. I can admit that it was tough to glue some of the parts together, but as a whole I can say it was an enjoyable experience working on this thing. See you in the finals, and for those that aren't, please give in your greatest efforts in the fourth audition :D
Where Force Stood Still
Piano Game(s): Chrono Cross
Download: [Download (4698.12k)]
Comment: After showing my role as a judge in Sonic Revolution I wanted to repay the favor by submitting something myself. :) What I've done is a piano arrangement of "Frozen Flame"; it was originally meant to be a Radical Dreamers mix given the inclusion of "Dreams of the Shore Near Another World", but I feel it'll work better if aimed for the masses. This was performed in F Minor - one of my favorite scales when it comes to playing music - and the structures throughout its five minute duration are filled to the brim with a wide variety of emotions. Have fun listening.
Where Force Stood Still
Sheet Music Game(s): Chrono Cross
Download: [Download (215.89k)]
Comment: When going through my mailbox this week, I saw someone requested some sheet music for my piano arrangement of Frozen Flame. I actually had it ready to publish at the end of May, but never got round to doing so until now. Nonetheless, here's my first RPGamer submission revisited, with the notation zipped up in BMP (monochrome) format. If you want to play this, I'm not holding you back ;).
Shadow of the Mystic
Classical Game(s): Chrono Trigger
Download: [Download (5204k)]
Comment: This wasn't the piano installment I wanted to release for this week, yet the exclusive that I planned to use was something that I left behind at my student home over Christmas. :( Still I think it seems appropriate, given the Dwelling of Duels has started releasing the songs for the Chrono series theme at Magfest recently. We have a piano interpretation of Magus's theme from Chrono Trigger, developed for the competition's free month before it, which resulted in a rather tasty 7th place tie in the end. It was also one of the hardest things to follow up on, given that after analyzing the competition in full detail, the game and source in question are among the most popular choices (which now sounds odd considering I did the only CT mix there!), so I did as much close-tempo work on the arrangement to give it that more dynamic feel that the audience was looking for. I hope you like it, and I promise by the end of the month I'll have that exclusive in my hands once more.
Tamato Rag
Piano Game(s): Dragon Quest IV
Download: [Download (2878k)]
Comment: Those who know what to expect in my piano works will be able to know me that little bit differently. What I've done here is that I've taken the town music for Dragon Warrior IV (or Dragon Quest IV in Japan) and performed it in an upbeat ragtime fashion. It's also a little bit shorter than what I usually do with my music, but I still feel it worked well enough as a performance experiement that went down fine as a joke tune in the recent Dwelling of Duels competition. Enjoy, and if you don't like it I will spray salad cream right into your face :P
Tomato Rag
Sheet Music Game(s): Dragon Quest IV
Download: [Download (1043.47k)]
Comment: Those who know what to expect in my piano works will be able to know me that little bit differently. What I've done here is that I've taken the town music for Dragon Warrior IV (or Dragon Quest IV in Japan) and performed it in an upbeat ragtime fashion. It's also a little bit shorter than what I usually do with my music, but I still feel it worked well enough as a performance experiement that went down fine as a joke tune in the recent Dwelling of Duels competition. Enjoy, and if you don't like it I will spray salad cream right into your face :P
Ending Theme
Classical Game(s): Dragon Quest IV
Download: [Download (48.9k)]
Comment: As we head into a new month, it's time I provided with you guys with something a little different. This is a MIDI transcription that I did of Dragon Warrior IV's ending theme. We all know how long the source is and how tricky it may be to cover every single note in it, but I saw it as a worthwhile challenge during the time of its creation. I don't know if I'd do similar things like this in the future, but whichever happens I'm actually pretty pleased with the results. Thank you, goodnight and God bless ;)
Famicon Royale
New Age Game(s): Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Download: [Download (3956.19k)]
Comment: All these tests and coursework deadlines coming showed a painful aftermath to my Easter break conclusion, which mainly had me playing through Dragon Quest VIII after many months of wait. Some of the time that I had between study periods was spent doing music (of course), and after messing around with the synth modulators I crafted some sounds that came close to emulating an NES chip. Thus, the battle musics for DQVIII have been piped in here for your own 8-bit amusement. I understand some people may say "this sounds like the symphonic suite version", but for me it was something to help stop mixing up my PHPs with my Javascripts :P I hope you like it nonetheless.
The Grief Within Trodain
Piano Game(s): Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Download: [Download (6316.12k)]
Comment: This track was among one of the last piano arrangements that I wrote before going home for the Summer, covering "These Feelings" from Dragon Quest VIII. Much unlike the boss chiptune from a couple of months back, this fits more as a proper exploration of the theme fitting some of my trademark piano performances. I don't even know what much else to say about this piece, so I'll let the notation do the talking.
Anguished Beyond Words
Piano Game(s): Dragon Warrior II
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 1
Download: [Download (6430k)]
Comment: Going through the course of the past month or so I managed to undergo a lot of stress relating to various personal events in life, so that left me to push those feelings into my Splendid Performance entry. This is an interpretation of the Overworld theme for Dragon Warrior II, a game that I personally feel can do with more arrangement coverage around the site :) I think I've improved greatly from a techincal standpoint on this one, although I'll be interested to hear the judges' pinions!
Anguished Beyond Words
Sheet Music Game(s): Dragon Warrior II
Download: [Download (207.81k)]
Comment: Just recently I became a member of VGPiano (, and one of those things that I've been mainly doing in the past month or so was getting my sub-domain set up there. That meant having to deal with the wireframe for my sight as well as getting sheet music together for all my solo piano works to date. While I was unable to do the latter task prior to Easter vacation, I was able to clear a few of which including the sheet music for my submission to Splendid Performance audition 1, covering "Distant Journey" from the Dragon Quest II score. If you ever wondered how I played it out, now you know ;)
Requiem for a Warrior
Rock Game(s): Dragon Warrior IV
Download: [Download (8302.88k)]
Comment: Hi folks, Rexy here. I can't help but submit something to the site considering it was my birthday last Sunday. :) Anyway, this is a variation on Dragon Warrior 4's death music, as submitted to the Dwelling of Duels ( back in April. The whole thing was Kyle's idea, as were his guitar parts and performance style; meanwhile he left me in charge of the arrangement of the rest of the music, from the drums and bass... down to my singing voice (no lyrics however). There's an alternate production at VGMix if you want to pick that up too, so don't feel too guilty if you ain't too satisfied with this one. Thanks very much for your time, sirs and madames!
Absolution in White
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
Download: [Download (5426k)]
Comment: This is actually a request that I worked on-and-off for Arek the Absolute at the OverClocked Remix boards (hence the title). He wanted me to cover FFIV's "Toroian Beauty", requesting specifically that the waltz feel of the source tune remains intact. What I also found out was that he was one of those people that loved my Mana medley, which left me to craft a version initially written for four pianos, but having got commentary based on the general execution this was soon toned down to two performers sharing a single piano. Arek really appreciated what I did with this one; even prior to this event, he's one of the most distinctive members of OCR you would ever get to speak to. Thanks for listening :)
Valiant Heart
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
MP3 The Grand Audition 2009 - Round 2 (Flying Solo) Winner
Download: [Download (7869.47k)]
Comment: The flying machine of choice I've gone for in my entry is the Falcon from Final Fantasy VI (source title: "Searching For Friends"). Given that it was seen as one of few glimmers of hope around the World of Ruin while being a more upsetting part of Setzer's past at the same time, I saw it as an ideal source tune to try and build up a good variety of moods with, though in essence it has a key focus on determination. Much like with the game's battle party itself, one can experienced many hardships of their own, but eventually they would be overpowered regardless of the odds and everything would turn out for the better.
Chinatown's Future
Trance Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [Download (4226.19k)]
Comment: You have been warned; this was the first arrangement that I ever wrote for the videogame music remixing community. o_O The Sunday that came and went marked a year to the day of the unveiling of this light breakbeat incarnation of FFVII's "Wutai", possibly one of the few Final Fantasy tracks that I actually have a strong obsession for, so to speak. I think it's aged pretty well for what it was, although I'll let you be the judge on this one. Kupo?
Girl Scout of Bikanel
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Download: [Download (8096.33k)]
Comment: My entry into the Anthem of the Unsung contest provides some very belated coverage for Rikku's theme from Final Fantasy X. Odds are she would never stop complaining about why people didn't cover her music so much no matter how many times she would plead for it. Eventually I would cave into her arguments, work with the sweet melodies as provided by Nobuo Uematsu and provide a keys-driven mellow rendition that managed to calm her down. The morale of this write-up is to never drink while brainstorming, because you might see people that are merely fiction in an entertainment medium like videogames. I hope you like what I did tho, and good luck to all contestants :)
A Mangolia and an Elixir
Rock Game(s): Final Fantasy XI
Download: [Download (6414.27k)]
Comment: I am a regular participant in the Peoples' Remix Competition on the OverClocked Remix General Discussion forums, where we were given a week to make a remix out of the second Vana'diel March theme from Final Fantasy XI. My version of the theme takes a chilled approach to the theme itself, complete with a wide variety of keyed instruments, synths and stringed instruments fitting to the category. Win or lose, it was all great fun participating in the PRC, and I hope some people from here would chip in too once PRC62 is announced this Friday :)
Costa del Sora
Rock Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 2
Download: [Download (5508.45k)]
Comment: Who would have thought I'd actually send something in for this audition? ;) Nonetheless, what I ended up doing was providing a smooth midnight-at-the-oasis-style variation on the Destiny Islands theme from Kingdom Hearts. This is arranged for three percussionists (drum kit, tamborine, bongos), two alternate leads (tenor sax, recorder), bass, marimba and e piano, so I can say it has adapted well to the small band requirement. Special thanks go to Kevin "Lorenzo" Sisk at OverClocked Remix for rendering my MIDI project into MP3 format.
Costa del Sora
Rock Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Download: [Download (61.65k)]
Comment: Anyone remember this variation on the Destiny Islands theme from the past audition? Like I promised, here's the original MIDI that I rendered and used to get help around the OC ReMix boards for the mastering. Even though I didn't pass this time I'm still pretty much happy with the input that managed to come through with the composition, and who knows, I may even take it to new levels some day.
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