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The Darkest Message
Rock Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
Download: [Download (6498.88k)]
Comment: This is a symphonic metal remix of my favourite two songs from FF9, The Dark Messenger and the Battle theme. And further I don't really have to say but....I hope you enjoy listening to it. I sure enjoyed making it.
A Symphonic Dream
Classical Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Download: [Download (7471.02k)]
Comment: This is my first arrangement for large symphony orchestra and my first real sequenced song. In the first place I wrote it for my percussion group in Holland. But sequencing percussion is very hard for me at the moment. So I rearranged it for symphony orchestra. I used a couple of themes from the first section of the game. Telling more or less the story of Sora getting involved in the grand story. Have fun listening and I hope you all like it.


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