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Reuben Kee
Sephiroth Absolute
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (5882k)]
Comment: I've always loved how the Sephiroth and Jenova themes sounded so evil and badass. I tried to show these themes in different perspectives, and tried to make this piece a little disturbing. This was done on 4 pianos, live performances on all lines.
Lifestream Overture
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [Download (25926k)]
Comment: Here's a medley of themes from final fantasy 7. It was the first game I played which captured such feeling in the music and got me into playing the piano again. Themes which haven't been done in orchestration before, as well as themes that have. I'm going to try and cover the most memorable parts of the journey. This overture uses alot of different styles in both modern and oriental band and orchestration. Hope that you relive this journey with me.
I am Ultimecia
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Download: [Download (8442k)]
Comment: I remember listening to the final boss battle themes nonstop for hours when I finally got my hands on the OST. Here's a medley of my favourite parts of them. Orchestrated, with.... bwahaha lots of taikos.


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