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Sheet Music Game(s): Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Download: [Download (16.76k)]
Comment: When Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits was released for PS2 a few years ago, it was received by most as a mediocre game. Not awful, yet it didn't quite stand out in any meaningful way. Thankfully, for fans of video game music, Twilight of the Spirits is lesser than the sum of its parts due mostly to a considerably well-done music score by a motley crew of composers.
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Chrono Cross
Download: [Download (22.16k)]
Comment: Though Mr. Yasunori Mitsuda had worked on several video game soundtracks prior to this one, the Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack is only his sophomore solo compilation as a composer. Fortunately for RPG music fans, this album sounds more like a senior effort by a master of the game music art form.
Final Fantasy Pray: Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Final Fantasy
Download: [Download (13.73k)]
Comment: Final Fantasy Pray is the first CD of a two-part Squaresoft Vocal Collection. This album is a series of ten musical arrangements of select songs from the soundtracks of Final Fantasy I through VI. All of the arrangements are vocalized using a multicultural array of voices.
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Final Fantasy
Download: [Download (14.14k)]
Comment: With all the praise Morrowind received for its remarkable music score, you'd think this review would be a no-brainer. But the question is if it stands up to solo CD-listening. And that's what I'm here to talk about.
Celtic Moon Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Final Fantasy IV
Download: [Download (21.81k)]
Comment: Celtic Moon is one of the first successful game music arrangement albums. What made it so successful? Did it deserve these merits? Here's one good way to find out.
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Grandia III
Download: [Download (19.98k)]
Comment: To celebrate the recent release of SquareEnix's latest adventure, I decided to re-launch the review section with a review of Grandia III's soundtrack. You can thank The Saving Throw's Nwash for bringing this new design to life, and New Updates' Carabbit for the graphics. That pretty much says it all. Enjoy.
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Download: [Download (15.36k)]
Comment: The Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Music Soundtrack accomplishes many things. For one, being the soundtrack to a remade classic awards the CD many nostalgia points. The album does a great job of retaining the original Lunar feel by leaving many tracks unchanged, all the while freshening up the scene for a new generation of gamers by arranging some of the other tracks.
Battle for Arcadia
Rock Game(s): Skies of Arcadia
Download: [Download (2822.95k)]
Comment: No Comment
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Wild ARMs
Download: [Download (15.92k)]
Comment: Wild ARMs was an early PlayStation RPG that earned a special place in the hearts of many gamers. Purchased by several as a mere "hold-over" until the Final Fantasy VII juggernaut arrived on our shores, most gamers actually found a surprisingly good game in Wild Arms. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the game's old west-flavored themes and hummable tunes earned a similar place in the memories of these gamers.
Soundtrack Review
Sheet Music Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [Download (15.08k)]
Comment: One of the most critically acclaimed aspects of Squaresoft's 1998 cult hit Xenogears was its soundtrack. As composer Yasunori Mitsuda's first solo job scoring a video game, the soundtrack's success transformed the young musician into an overnight sensation among fans of game music.


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