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Kevin Stephens
Sailing in the Air
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (1583.79k)]
Comment: This is the airship theme from Final Fantasy I. I tried to do it in a couple of different styles, but thanks to my laziness coupled with my desire to enter Sonic Revolution, it's very short and hardly changes styles at all. Still, I'm pretty fond of it. Hooray.
Etude for Piano in F# minor
Piano Game(s): Fire Emblem: Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light
Download: [Download (5772k)]
Comment: No Comment
Pool of Peace
Classical Game(s): Quest For Glory III: Wages of War
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 3
Download: [Download (5107.78k)]
Comment: In a fit of procrastination, I began work on this piece much later than I intended to. I knew that this is what I wanted to work on, but I just never got around to it. Fast forward to the day that everything's due. I whipped something together out of this piece, but the arrangement and sequencing took some heavy blows because I waited so long. Ah well.
Knight of Fire
Piano Game(s): Xenogears
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 1
Download: [Download (5828.66k)]
Comment: This one has a been a while in the making. I arranged this once before and that sucked. So I wanted to try again. I did, and it turned out somewhat okay, though very incomplete. Then came the RPGamer competition, Splendid Performance. I thought, "Hey, this should be an excellent chance for... uhh... this." So I finished it up and then sequenced it all, and here we are!


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