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Keven Kelly
Tribute to Trick
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy Adventure
Download: [Download (4.56k)]
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Tribute to Tributes
Piano Game(s): Final Fantasy Adventure
Download: [Download (2114.04k)]
Comment: This song was originally made in November, 2004. It was a midi-made choral piece that was dedicated to Trick Waters, the curator that came before the current one (If that makes sense). Anywho, I was looking through some old stuff on an old data CD of junk I've created, and I happened across the old Tribute to Trick Midi, which is findable on the site, if you go back far enough. I plugged it into the ol' SoundFont machine, and out came a slightly less butchered .mp3. Woo hoo. Have a listen, enjoy, and when you throw stones at me, please keep them small.
Opening Fanfare
Classical Game(s): Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Download: [Download (1.98k)]
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Requiem for a Warrior
Rock Game(s): Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire
Download: [Download (13.91k)]
Comment: I took the main theme when you complete the quest for the Fruit of Passion from Julanar, and turned the 10 seconds it plays for into a 3:00 piece. Trouble is, I can't turn it into an mp3. So, what originally started as a contest submission quickly turned into a general submission. I hope you all enjoy this piece, it showcases one of my all-time favorite gaming series'. More will follow, I assure you.
Classical Game(s): Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 3
Download: [Download (5133.15k)]
Comment: I took the MIDI and due to, uhm, popular demand (sort of) I went through the process of collecting software and soundfonts. Just so I could submit a piece and become *gasp* a part of this contest! Mind you, this is my first non-midi submission with rendered soundfonts, so I'm still kind of figuring stuff out. Hope it doesn't hurt your ears TOO much... Enjoy!


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