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Fair Brynnlaw
Classical Game(s): Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Download: [Download (2310.13k)]
Comment: This is a celtic arrangement of Pirate's Isle, the tune that plays in the background of the beautiful port town of Brynnlaw, from Baldur's Gate II. The original is a very short piece, at under a minute long. I tried to stretch it out a bit and give it a more uplifting feel.
Rain in the Marshes
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (4770.12k)]
Comment: I originally tracked this around three years ago, and never ended up doing anything with it. I decided I'd fix it up and try submitting it for the Sonic Revolution competition. It's more of an orchestration than a remix, but hopefully it's fit for this contest; if not, at least it's not just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust anymore."
Classical Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [Download (2440k)]
Comment: With all the recent talk of a possible FF7 remake in the works, as well as the upcoming release of Vincent's own game, I thought it was an appropriate time to revist one of my favourite old tunes. If an FF7 remake were to ever become a reality, I'd love to hear what its amazing soundtrack would sound like if it were brought up to today's sound quality standards. Here's my take on what a modern version of Vincent's theme might sound like.
Royal Inquiry
Trance Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (6379.75k)]
Comment: I really enjoyed the melody of the Deku Palace. I've tried my hand at remixing Majora's Mask before, even this particular song, but hadn't gotten it quite right. So I retried it when I heard of the contest. Used some refined effect tweaking I've picked up. Full of bouncy Synths, Strings, Break Beat-ish drums. Very High energy. Yeah.
Bonds of Sea & Fire
Classical Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [Download (614.79k)]
Comment: No Comment
One Who Bares Fangsat God
Rock Game(s): Xenogears
Download: [Download (1217.12k)]
Comment: This is my favourite track from Xenogears, and probably my favourite Mitsuda tune. I'd like to dedicate this to TSSF, as I never would've started tracking if not for his influence. I hope you like it, Mat. Credit for the samples goes to Audigy, and myself, for tuning and looping them. Like most mods, this one is not Winamp-friendly.


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