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Final Fantasy VII
Angel of Death
Trance Submitter(s): NeoS
Download: [Download (3838k)]
Comment: It's for the fans of FF7 and Sephiroth. And because I like hardhouse. :)
The Cry of the Planet
Piano Submitter(s): Patrick Waters
Download: [Download (12538k)]
Comment: No Comment
Final Fantasy Wedding Processional
Classical Submitter(s): Patrick Waters
Download: [Download (15084k)]
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Sephiroth Absolute
Piano Submitter(s): Reuben Kee
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (5882k)]
Comment: I've always loved how the Sephiroth and Jenova themes sounded so evil and badass. I tried to show these themes in different perspectives, and tried to make this piece a little disturbing. This was done on 4 pianos, live performances on all lines.
Lifestream Overture
Piano Submitter(s): Reuben Kee
Download: [Download (25926k)]
Comment: Here's a medley of themes from final fantasy 7. It was the first game I played which captured such feeling in the music and got me into playing the piano again. Themes which haven't been done in orchestration before, as well as themes that have. I'm going to try and cover the most memorable parts of the journey. This overture uses alot of different styles in both modern and oriental band and orchestration. Hope that you relive this journey with me.
Chinatown's Future
Trance Submitter(s): Rexy
Download: [Download (4226.19k)]
Comment: You have been warned; this was the first arrangement that I ever wrote for the videogame music remixing community. o_O The Sunday that came and went marked a year to the day of the unveiling of this light breakbeat incarnation of FFVII's "Wutai", possibly one of the few Final Fantasy tracks that I actually have a strong obsession for, so to speak. I think it's aged pretty well for what it was, although I'll let you be the judge on this one. Kupo?
Classical Submitter(s): Salivator
Download: [Download (2440k)]
Comment: With all the recent talk of a possible FF7 remake in the works, as well as the upcoming release of Vincent's own game, I thought it was an appropriate time to revist one of my favourite old tunes. If an FF7 remake were to ever become a reality, I'd love to hear what its amazing soundtrack would sound like if it were brought up to today's sound quality standards. Here's my take on what a modern version of Vincent's theme might sound like.
It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It?
Classical Submitter(s): Sean+Lute
Download: [Download (2630k)]
Comment: No Comment
Final Fantasy Christmas Medley
Winter Holiday Submitter(s): Tom Plets
Download: [Download (3376k)]
Comment: No Comment
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony
Classical Submitter(s): Tom Plets
Download: [Download (1670k)]
Comment: No Comment
Underneath the Hardcore Pizza
Rock Submitter(s): Ultra Ninja 64
Download: [Download (164.81k)]
Comment: No Comment
Processional March No. 2
Piano Submitter(s): Yura
Download: [Download (8734k)]
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Previous 20 Submissions


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