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Zelda II: Adventure of Link
Zelda II Overworld Theme
Classical Submitter(s): Christian "LemonLime" Floisand
Download: [Download (1657.57k)]
Comment: Zelda II may be the black sheep among its brethren, but it still has some decent music that is fun to arrange. This is a pretty straight up arrangement of the overworld theme for which the short intro is the only fragment of music that was carried over from the Legend of Zelda.
Eleven Day Journey
Classical Submitter(s): Kevin 'Lorenzo' Sisk
Download: [Download (6530k)]
Comment: This remix was originally created for the 1st ever Fruity Loops Music Competition(in which I tied 4th place) held in the general forums. The guildlines of the compitition stated that you could only use the default instruments and materials that came with the program Fruity Loops(known now as FL Studio). No outside materials(such as VSTs and soundfonts) are acceptable. A fellow remixer by the name of Rellik convinced me to participate and I had only 11 days to get something done, which ties into naming the title as it is. I had always wanted to do a Zelda II remix, so I'm glad Rellik told me about the compo. By order of another fellow remixer by the name of Rexy, I am to submit this remix to yaz. So, cheers...
Sunken Temple
New Age Submitter(s): Matt Foster
Download: [Download (369.44k)]
Comment: I started working on a remix from Zelda: The Adventures of Link quite some time ago. All I knew about the mix was that I wanted to use the temple theme. So, as always, unsure of the direction I want to take with this piece, I started with a straight transcription of the temple theme. While my work has progressed further, I decided that I would take the transcription and make a nifty little ring tone out of it. The sounds are a default patch in Reason, and I liked the submerged/drowning sound that it gave the theme.


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