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Grandia II
A Deus Ex Harpa
New Age Submitter(s): DarkeSword
Download: [Download (3884k)]
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A Deus Ex Harpa (Second Seal Mix)
Classical Submitter(s): DarkeSword
Download: [Download (6582k)]
Comment: This is an update to my old Grandia II mix, A Deus Ex Harpa, which was featured on RPGamer's Sound Test ages ago. For this instrumental arrangement of A Deus, I used lots of strings, piano, woodwinds, and harp, along with some analog synth sounds and acoustic and filtered industrial percussion to bring a deep, thoughtful vibe to the whole song. Stuff that's been added when compared to the previous version: there's a key change from A minor to C minor which brings the song into a fast section, where percussion plays double-time, and a lot of instrumentation has been changed around and expanded.


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