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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
A Dangerless Road
Piano Submitter(s): Bladiator
Download: [Download (2528.25k)]
Comment: I was trying for my tried and true piano waltz remix method, but something about the melody and chord structure wouldn't work at all, so I decided to go back to my Yanni/Jim Brickman type playing style, and it fit REALLY well.
Waltz of Pain
Piano Submitter(s): Blak_Omen, Dhsu
Download: [Download (3940.17k)]
Comment: This particular submission a collaboration that I worked on with Blak_Omen; he made the actual arrangement, and I performed it with a few slight modifications. I don't have a sheet music of my actual performance, but I might end up making it if there's enough demand. The actual theme is primarily associated with Mallow. Imagine, if you will, learning that your entire life has been a lie. That you are, in fact, not a tadpole, nor have ever been. Realizing this, you sit down at your piano, still in shock. And you begin to play a slow, sad waltz. A waltz...of pain.
Rock Submitter(s): Matt1plus1, Tom Plets
Download: [Download (1990k)]
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Battle with Culex Remix
Rock Submitter(s): Matt1plus1
Download: [Download (2188k)]
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Mallow Discovers He is Not a Tadpole
Classical Submitter(s): Matt1plus1
Download: [Download (2159.73k)]
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New Age Submitter(s): Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Download: [Download (1412.06k)]
Comment: I love Super Mario RPG! One of my favorite tunes was where you meet Mallow's "grandfather". It's simple, fun, got a little techo-eyish feeling and filled with Froggy goodness. So enjoy!
Farewell ... Star Guardian
Classical Submitter(s): Russell Cox
Download: [Download (5174.12k)]
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