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Live A Live
Piano Submitter(s): Rexy
Download: [Download (47.3k)]
Comment: My MIDI collection of Live A Live music has been progressing a lot since I first started undertaking that task a couple of months ago. By now there's only a handful of songs in the OST that are without MIDI counterparts, so at this rate this could even be clear by February if it keeps up. Nonetheless, my next sample of progress is a transcription of "Armageddon", the music you hear when you get the worst ending possible. It wasn't easy to figure out something as complex melodically into a MIDI format, but I think I did fine with this one. Thanks for hearing this, and if you want to see more of what I've done, explore the New-Files area of VGMusic and see what you can find :)
The Goose and the Cursed Knight
Rock Submitter(s): Rexy
MP3 The Grand Audition 2009 - Final Round (A Malevolent Masterpiece) Entry
Download: [Download (11392.94k)]
Comment: Odio, the main villain for Live A Live and the subject matter I've chosen for this round, can be seen as an unconventional type of villain for its time so what I put together was something just as unconventional for what I'd normally do. It's a piano-led track, but with a more modern and almost gutsy backup of what could be considered a chamber-band setting in parts; think of it as Shimomura meets Reuben Kee meets Avenged Sevenfold meets Russ Conway (!) and you'll see what I mean. The original track I chose for the task, "Twisted Goosewings", was a symphonic track that I wrote 2 years ago for an unfinished soundtrack project, representing a fallen hero that could shapeshift into a goose at will. Chances are, if you know how the final scenarios of Chapter 8 in the game go like, you'll understand the closer link between original and source tune selections as well as how the structure related to Odio as a character. Thanks for reading this, now go listen :)


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