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Tales of Phantasia
Summoning of Spirits
Trance Submitter(s): Rexy
Download: [Download (8465.28k)]
Comment: My first Sound Test contribution in 2 years (!) co-incides with the release of "Summoning of Spirits", the latest OverClocked Remix site project, covering music from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia. This is one of four tracks that I did for it - a chilled variation on "Fighting of the Spirit" written to close the album. If you knew what to expect from me 3 years ago, then you'll get it here - subtle melodic work, emphasis on atmosphere, my trademark piano incorporations... I feel that with what I put down here, this is my proudest contribution for the album. Thanks, and visit to check out the other 52 tracks as well :D
Fighting Spirit
Rock Submitter(s): Sean+Lute
Download: [Download (5034k)]
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