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Illusion of Gaia
The Comet
Classical Submitter(s): Matt1plus1
Download: [Download (2120.65k)]
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The Place I long to be
Classical Submitter(s): Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Download: [Download (3324.2k)]
Comment: Well I was sitting at the piano and I started to play Pachabel's Canon. All of a sudden I found myself playing the South Cape theme from Illusion of Gaia. The rest flowed pretty easily. I also bring in a little Itory Village during the middle section. All in all this is more of an update than a remix, not too much new content, but still fun to listen to anyway. Oh yeah, the aim was to get it to sound as shmaltzy as Ragnorok Online music, I hope I succeeded. Enjoy!
Geheimnis der Erde - I Der Anfang und ein Gebet
Classical Submitter(s): Patrick Waters
Download: [Download (10856k)]
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