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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Falling Back
Rock Submitter(s): Darangen
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 4
Download: [Download (5834k)]
Comment: Hello all! I hope you enjoy this piece. This is a re-arrangement of Gerudo Valley from Zelda: OoT, complete with lyrics, rockin' guitars, and some synth work to boot! :)
Zelda's Lullybye
Classical Submitter(s): DragonAvenger
Download: [Download (1194k)]
Comment: A simple idea, a simple premise. Most lullabies have lyrics, why not make some to Zelda's Lullaby? The basis of the words was to think of the origin of the song, what Zelda's ancestors might have sung rather than really connecting it to the game. There is a game reference, though. Travelling to where worlds meet is meant towards the Temple of Time or the idea of moving back and forth through the Light and Dark worlds in Link to the Past
Classical Submitter(s): Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon
MP3 The Grand Audition 2007 - Round 1 (The Shy but Courageous One) Winner
Download: [Download (5967.55k)]
Comment: A storm approaches - first occurs a few raindrops, then a downpour. From thence, the eye, followed by the storm's other side. As the tempest recedes, the clouds part to let in the sun's rays, a drop of water falls from a rain-soaked leaf onto a still puddle...
I give credit where it is due; thus, my sincerest thanks to a dear friend, aka Kouen, who did the rendering.
Azure Reflections
Classical Submitter(s): Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon
Download: [Download (4538.76k)]
Comment: This remix is based on a very short, seven-measure theme from what some would argue as the greatest RPG of all time. It is one of my favorites among the six "colored" songs, i.e. the songs on the menu represented by a colored semiquaver, tied with the Minuet of the Forest. The challenge was in extending this very short theme into a somewhat substantial remix. I didn't want to use other themes, so as to "preserve the purity of the water." Then, an idea came to mind—why not utilize retrogrades and inversions (part of Schönberg's twelve-tone technique)? It meshed well with the idea of "reflections on water," anyway. And so, this piece into being.
Composed for flute, horns, glockenspiel, harp, choir, and strings using Sibelius 5 and rendered by Kouen using SONAR 7 Producer Edition.
Time to Kill
Rock Submitter(s): Ian Eller
Download: [Download (1657.56k)]
Comment: What possessed me to do this I will never know. One night I just sat down and though, "I wanna redo a vg song." So I did. This being my first attempt, and since my skills as a musician are rather lacking, I picked a simple melody to alter: The Temple of Time, from Zelda 64. The style is...different...from the original, and it's probably not for everyone, but fans of heavier music should like it.
Flight of the Gerudo
Trance Submitter(s): k-wix
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 3
Download: [Download (3498.49k)]
Comment: Hi, I've decided to submit a track of mine for the 'Around the Square' competition, And i decided on tackling the famous 'Gerudo' theme from Ocarina of Time. The original is pretty well known and a very popular theme, and my remix is quite different from the original, I decided to generally make it a bit darker and more epic, maybe even apocalyptic? To put it simply - A lot of synth work and a unique organ, combined with rock kit drums and some trancey 4-4 drums aswell. Though it may be a bit different, i think its a strong showing from a creative standpoint, i also feel that its a really interesting take on the original material that one might not really expect.. I hope you all dig.
Forest Fun
Ringtone Submitter(s): Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Download: [Download (456.9k)]
Comment: This is for all the Ocarina of Time fans out there. It's got a beat that will wake you up for an alarm, or get you running for the phone if you hear it going. Nothing else but the melody so I could keep it simple and small for your phone. Enjoy
Stormy Carol
Winter Holiday Submitter(s): Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Download: [Download (2019.45k)]
Comment: I wrote this for the holidays, pretty quickly actually (by my watch about 45 minutes) so I could have something to listen to that was holiday like, but filled with zelda goodness. I skimped on a lot of the finishing work so it's a little rough there are some parts with a little bit o' clipping and such, but it came together just the way I would imagined it. It wasn't really a white christmas here, in fact it rained most of the season, so this represents this past Christmas season. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!.
Saria's Song
Rock Submitter(s): Matthew Mordan
Download: [Download (1900.1k)]
Comment: This is my version of Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time. It seems to be one of the more popular songs from the game and I thought it was definitely the best one to put in my style. The music I write is basically video gamey synth pop + death metal, so don't get caught off guard ^_^
Classical Submitter(s): Michael Zasadzinski
MP3 Splendid Performance Audition Phase 3 Winner
Download: [Download (8475.43k)]
Comment: Anyway, yeah, the title sucks. Sorry about that. But I think this is easily my best work to date, both in terms of arrangement and production. I got Cubase SL and QLSO silver, so everything's a huge step up from the old Reason based stuff, needless to say. Although I still used Reason for the clarinet sounds, since a lot of QLSO's woodwinds are out of tune. A shame, since the rest of the library is so fantastic. This piece comes mostly from Ocarina of Time, with some Wind Waker and aLttP thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoy!
Zelda's Nightmare
Trance Submitter(s): Rexy
MP3 Splendid Performance Final Winner
Download: [Download (9853.57k)]
Comment: What I wanted to capture for my entry ino the Splendid Performance finals was an element of surprise alongside with twisting the nature of the chosen source material. The best way I could do that was take a light and reflective maidenly theme like Zelda's Lullaby and transform it in more ways than one including a minor key, a moodier edge than the original and a future-ish feel in the performance. I sincerely hope you enjoy it :)
Fallen Endowment
Piano Submitter(s): Rexy
Download: [Download (17.49k)]
Comment: First of all, apologies for the MIDI; I would have done a proper render before leaving college campus for the summer but time was too short. Anyway, this submission holds an arrangement of the Gerudo Valley theme from Zelda 64. But it's not just any incarnation of said theme; it's my attempt at translating "Falling Back" - Darangen's arrangement of that song - into solo piano. I sent this over to him as a little birthday gift, because I know for sure that in the time we've been floating around the community, he has shown himself to be bar none the most supportive "VGMix-er" I have known. Thanks again, and cheers ;)
Saria's Lullybye
Trance Submitter(s): TheCatPhysician
MP3 Sonic Revolution Submission
Download: [Download (7255.2k)]
Comment: I don't have very much time to say stuff about the song, because I'm trying to get this submitted as fast as possible. The song was done with FruityLoops and live piano/keyboard. Umm, that's about it.


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