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Critical Finish 01.28.2011
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"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory."
- Oscar Wilde
12 - Hunters of the Golden Power
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Dark Mountain Forest
Author's Comments
If there's a song that felt more appropriately like the final dungeon, or the final trek to the final dungeon, or the doom before the final battle... this is it. I really feel this track is the heart of the Dark World. To me, the original was empowering, dangerous, but most of all, it was exciting and got you ready to take on Ganon.

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13 - Showdown with Ganon
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Priest, Ganon's Message, and Battle with Ganon
Author's Comments
The final face-off with Ganon. Who knew that all it'd take was a good timing, a really big bomb, and some silver arrows?

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14 - Zelda's Answer
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Princess Zelda's Rescue and Overworld
Author's Comments
I'm not really sure what the Sage's question was, or why Zelda had the answer, but now we've beaten the game, and I felt that Zelda's theme was the perfect way to conclude this story, since it was all about saving her anyway. I didn't really go into the Link to the Past official ending theme, but I felt that a marriage of Zelda and Link's themes together would give the resolution feel I'd desire after such a journey. The very last note of choir you hear is the very first note of choir from track one, giving us the circular feel. That is, if you listen to albums on loop like I do. Thanks for listening, much love to all... =)

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So yeah, I talked about starting the year right in the last update... and then missed two consecutive updates immediately afterwards. Well, I do have a valid explanation. I've gotten more duty hours, and it includes the entirety of Friday. So yes, there's an eleven-month-old in the next room who just had a seizure as I create this update. Thankfully, the workload is very light. I also get to use the hospital's Wi-Fi.

In order to make up for the missed columns, I've decided to post all three remaining pieces of Daryl Banner's album. Yes, three. There hasn't been as much music in an update since "The (Ultimately Fruitless) Grand Audition 2009." Let's get to them, shall we?

Now, I must admit, I'm pretty torn about Hunters of the Golden Power. The instrumentation is awesome, as expected. However, what drew me to the original piece was its brisk, militaristic quality. Even the relatively mellow string segment contained vigorous percussions. Daryl's version sounds almost lazy. Using instruments other than the brasswinds to carry the melody amplified this. Still, it's a very well-executed arrangement.

Showdown with Ganon, on the other hand, is exactly as it should be—tense and vigorous. The distortion swell from 00:54 to 00:57 followed by the split-second silence is absolutely perfect; the percussions that follow, simply divine.

Last, but certainly not the least, we have Zelda's Answer. The opening and ending, I didn't like too much. The initial fragment felt a bit too slow. It sounded like a largo to me. I'm also not a big fan of the wind glissando at 2:01. The reentry of Princess Zelda's Rescue at 4:24 also felt somewhat abrupt. The Overworld segment, however, I can only sing praises about. I've always liked this theme played in a slower tempo. The polyphony is utterly superb, as is the instrumentation. All in all, it's truly a magnificent ending to a magnificent compilation.

Well, that's it for Daryl Banner's Link to the Past. He has another album lined up, but I suppose we could use a little curator interlude first before we dive into another compilation. Look forward to it in the next update! Have a great weekend!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

Sound Test Curator

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