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The Grand Audition 2009
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Mage's Power Ballad Tom Plets
Comments and Score Breakdown
Criterion Fermat's Last Theorem Green Nu Kiro Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total
Theme 8 6 5 3.17 6.75 3.38 6.54
Remix 30 30 20 13.33 31.5 15.75 29.08
Creativity 39 42 30 18.5 39.5 19.75 38.25
Production 10 10 10 5 9 4.5 9.5
Total 87 88 65 39.67 86.75 43.38 83.38
83.38 - Second Place
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Fermat's Last Theorem: Though it doesn't offer as much variation and "kick" as the previous round-winning TGA 2009 submission, this piece stands out as something that is somewhat heavy, yet decidedly relaxing at the same time. The melodic line and general feel of the piece is largely unchanged, and so, the high "Creativity" marks can be attributed to the lyrics. I tried to be as generous as can be with regards to the "Theme" mark particularly because one aspect of the theme set, i.e. the application of vocals, was executed magnificently. I applied the most basic definition of "rock" I could possibly find in any source. All in all, it is a very well-done piece. Congratulations!

Green Nu: The written lyrics and their implementation was a great idea. I liked the effects put on the voices. Good work.

Kiro: No comments.

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