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The Grand Audition 2009
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Steel Wings The Black Antonio
Comments and Score Breakdown
Criterion Fermat's Last Theorem Macstorm Nyx JuMeSyn Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total
Theme 6 10 10 7 2.48 7.4 5.18 7.66
Remix 32 31 30 33 9.45 28.9 20.23 29.68
Creativity 40 43 40 41 12.3 34.7 24.29 36.59
Production 8 10 8 8 2.55 7.7 5.39 7.94
Total 86 94 88 89 26.78 78.7 55.09 81.87
81.87 - First Place
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Fermat's Last Theorem: This is an excellent piece all in all, but it suffers in a couple of areas. First, it disregarded the most important part of this round's requirements. I hardly think The Red Wings can be attributed to Golbez, Zemus, Zeromus, or any other villain in Final Fantasy IV, and neither could the main theme. Even if you could conjure up something, the association would still be far too remote, and I have given sufficient warning about this. Second, the original theme is somewhat bland and uninspired, so I had to take off a few points for that. Otherwise, the piece is solid, with its excellent instrumentation, colorful variations, and well-executed juxtaposition of one theme's melody on top of another's signature rhythm. I'm not a big fan of the organ and percussion samples, as they sounds a bit too artificial, but I'm not too critical over such details. Overall, a great remix worthy of much praise.

Macstorm: A pick from a favorite OST of mine is always going to be either love or hate. In this case, I really loved the original flare this one offered. The style was one of the more original of the competition and I must award points for that.

Nyx: Of all the pieces, I think this one captures the theme perfectly. Though, oddly enough, this piece also reminds me of bands like Sonata Arctica or Stratovarius. This piece certain takes the theme and makes you feel as though the evil dark lord who has risen to power is on the verge of destroying the world. That being said, the heavy instrumentation at the beginning almost feels a bit to "evil super-villain" cliché for me, and I suppose isn't necessarily bad thing considering the theme of this round. I definitely like that midway through this piece it sounds like something out of a symphonic metal band.

JuMeSyn: Goes out there quite a bit. Frankly it sounds like Castlevania whenever the organ comes in, and that's not a bad thing (to me). What is it with percussion being the hardest thing to eke a good sound from?

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