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The Grand Audition 2009
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Cerulean Sun Fermat's Last Theorem
Comments and Score Breakdown
Criterion Fermat's Last Theorem Macstorm Nyx JuMeSyn Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total
Theme - 10 6 6 2.2 6.9 4.83 7.03
Remix - 34 30 27 9.1 21.4 14.98 24.08
Creativity - 40 40 37 11.7 29.7 20.79 32.49
Production - 10 8 9 2.7 6.8 4.76 7.46
Total - 94 84 79 25.7 64.8 45.36 71.06
74.06 - Second Place
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Fermat's Last Theorem: No comments.

Macstorm: A very recognizable theme, though not something completely overused. This piece is very enjoyable to listen to, though the original theme doesn't blend as well with the game theme as well as I would like.

Nyx: Listening "Cerulean Sun" feels like a grand epic, as though the listener is following the steps of a grand journey. In some ways, however, it doesn't entirely sound like a theme that encompasses a villain, let alone one like Kuja. While the whole piece is absolutely stunning, it feels more like a journey of a hero as oppose to a villain. That being said it does sound as though there is a journey, and especially towards the end when the piano gets heavier there is certainly a fall of a great person. I think the mix is beautiful, strong, and there's so colour in its tonality. I am especially fond of the strength at the one minute mark when the piano truly its intensity.

JuMeSyn: Seems to stray sometimes, at least by my account.

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