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11.14.01 - Audible

This is going to be a short intro due to a storm closing on this position.

Audible Vortex judging has been posted. Winners should be contacted in the next few days.

It's a short music week this week. Only 3 people sent me stuff.

  • Most Wanted

  • The Sound Cave Most Wanted:

    Diablo II
    Final Fantasy (Wonder Swan Color additions)
    Skies of Arcadia
    Suikoden 1 & 2
    Valkyrie Profile

  • Music Notes
  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "The Final Witch" (Final Fantasy) by Trptcox
    And yet another song posted here (that's 12 in a row I think ^_^). This time I tried something sweet and relaxing featuring one of the most memorable melodies of Final Fantasy. Armed only with Finale 2001, a MIDI file to being with, and my own limited knowledge of music theory, I hope I will please some ears once again.

    Midi Composition

    "Prelude" (Final Fantasy VI) by Kuro
    This is the Prelude, and closest overall to the FF6 version (I.E. the secondary harmony is woodwind, not strings). I tracked it basically by ear--because I didn't feel like ripping off someone else's MIDI file, which would defeat the entire purpose of tracking it myself, I just used what I could hear from the song and what I knew of the chord structures to assemble a nice-sounding, if not quite perfectly faithful, track of the song.

    Digital Music

    Multiple (Chrono Trigger) by TSSF
    These songs were created during the course of the year 2000, as they were for a fan-based N64 project named "Chrono Trigger 64". As was mentioned on, it was a remake of CT on the N64. The music was all designed to be compatible with the .XM file format, but I kept them in .IT as it's compressed and somewhat smaller that way. Everything's 100% compatible with Winamp! I hope everyone enjoys these modules and I hope they remind you all why we should NEVER forget the incredible 16-bit era's music! :)

  • Current Competitions

  • Audible Vortex

    Click the logo or go here to read about it. Note: Entries are no longer being accepted.

    Judging is done! Yay!

    Music Compo 2001: Audible Vortex

  • Weekly Silliness
  • I would have thought that someone would get this one. Ruins of Moondoria is from Ys 2 (and Ys Book 1 & 2). I knew I should have gone with Tower of the Shadow of Death (the Darm Tower music). This week there will be no Weekly Silliness.

    ICQ - 775498
    Ross Bemrose
    Music Submissions -

    Sound Cave Navigation
    Resonance from the Cave

    MP3 Remixes

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy - The First Witch by Trptcox.

    Midi Composition

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VI - Prelude by Kuro.

    Digital Music

    Chrono Trigger - Courage and Pride by TSSF.
    Chrono Trigger - A Shot of Crisis by TSSF.
    Chrono Trigger - Robo Gang Johnny by TSSF.
    Chrono Trigger - Battle with Magus by TSSF.
    Chrono Trigger - The Bottom of Night by TSSF.
    Chrono Trigger - Epoch's Theme by TSSF.

    Tablature, Sheet Music, and Etc

    None this update.


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