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Howdy, folks, and welcome to Media Central!
Although we are in the embryotic stage, and thus open to suggestions, there are certain rules that must be followed in order to have your work even be considered for posting in this section. These are hardly draconian rules, and are made in order to save work on my part, to lower the bandwidth hogged by files for this section, and to prevent bad, bad things from happening. Read them, learn them, make them a part of you!
  1. Do not submit files in .bmp format
  2. PLEASE do not submit files in .bmp format.
    There is a simple reason for this rule. The Bitmap, or .bmp format, has been rendered nearly obselete by the internet. It is bloated, and cannot be viewed in most major web browsers. For the purposes of wallpaper, .jpg format works just as well and is less than half the overall weight.
  4. Please, no ROM's, illegal MP3's, etcetera. If you want to use these things, it's your own business, but RPGamer would rather not be legally liable.
  5. Pickles
  6. Viruses are nasty. Don't submit contaminated items.
  7. Files above 250 k must be uploaded to a separate server, and the URL's mailed to us. No files above 500k will be accepted. More than one file sent in one email is alright, if their total weight does not exceed 400 k. under normal circumstances. Please email ahead of time and ask for special permission
  8. Please include your name, homepage URL, if applicable, description of your submission, and the game and file type within the body of your email, as well as the game and file type in the title of the email.
  9. While this isn't technically a rule, it would be appreciated if you would include a screenshot of your submission, preferably no more than 250 by 250 pixels in size. 200 by 150 is just about right.

Cut and Paste Submission Form (inspired by fanart)

Name: (Your online alias. Make sure that you always use the same name!)
Home Page: (the URL and name of your home page)
Game: (Fairly self-explanatory. What game or games your submission is based on)
File Type: (Is it a background? a skin? If so, for what program?)
Description: (Describe your submission. Any comments you'd like to make if your work is chosen for Feature Focus)
Tools Used: (How you made your submission, what programs you used, etc)


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