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Here I am! Aren't you just so incredibly happy to see me? No? Well then...
Anyway, I know it's been a long time since last update. I've been rather busy, and I beg forgiveness on the part of you, my readers, for it. Sometime this week, the archives will be done. You'll see. Honest! Anyway, I've been a bit disturbed by the number of submissions I've been recieving without the name of the game in the title bar. I need the name of the game there so that I can more easily figure out alphabetical game order, as well as what order to upload sumbissions for ease of remembering. Please, I beg you, instead of titling your submission "Theme Submission" or "Wallpaper" use the name of the game, and then what type of file it is. If you do this, you'll be my best friend!

- Susan Emplit

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Featured Submission
Awww... that black mage is CUTE! ^.^
Squall Winamp Skin
Feature Focus
Name: Lycentia
Tools Used: Photoshop

"Nice fanart pic of Squall I got somewhere. Note: Rename type to ZIP to unzip file."

User Files
Chrono Cross Collage Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600[L][M][W] Axis
"This background was created by capturing FMV footage with my TV-tuner card, and adding some transparency effects."
Chrono Cross Kid Winamp Skin [W] Lycentia
"Lovely pic from the opening FMV of Kidd overlooking the ocean"
Final Fantasy Tactics Agrias Wallpaper [L][M][W] Cantatrix
"Just a little something I whipped up when bored. The fact that I did it completely with a mouse, which I can only do so well, is covered up nicely by the cuteness, don'CHA think?"
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Winamp Skin [W] Lycentia
"Nice pic of the main people of Lunar 2. Got it off a wallpaper from my site. Note: To Unzip file, rename the extension to .ZIP"
Wild ARMs Wallpaper [L][M][W] LightSoul
"I was already using a stretched version of this picture but thought it looked better in the smaller version and I didn't want it centred and surrounded by a sickly green!"
Xenogears Elly Winamp Skin [W] Ooklah
"This is a full Winamp skin with the exception of mouse cursors. But with Elly being the main focus, it really doesn't matter, now does it?"

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