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Well, as you can tell by the title, I am no longer going to be doing MC. Before you get all weepy and start sobbing about how your favorite RPGamer staffer (heh) is quitting, I'm not. Due to Kalia retiring, fanart being open, and I being the most qualified person currently on staff, according to Google, I've gotten the job if I want it. I do want it. I've been reading Fanart every time I could over the past several years, starting with Lore, then Kalia. Frankly, I feel honored.

Loyal MCers, you may be wondering what is to become of this section. Instead of it just dwindling away without anyone to update it, which I would not allow, it is being taken over by Mikel "Bossman" Tidwell, the President/Ceo/Whatever the current corporate patois for "the big cheese" is. He is responsible for giving RPGamer direction, for hiring me, and so on. He's a great guy, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.

- Susan Emplit

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Featured Submission
Pretty swirly thingy!
Collage Wallpaper
Feature Focus
Name: Lightsoul
Tools Used: PlaySTR, IMS Enhancer, MS Paint

"An anime scene from the opening movie with that bird logo thing along the side."

User Files
Granstream Saga Anime Wallpaper [L][M][W] Lightsoul
"I've been wasting my time making wallpapers lately. This one was made from two movie screenshots from the game."
Vandal Hearts Logo Wallpaper [L][M][W] Lightsoul
"I took the title screen from the game and then pasted Ash's reflection in Vandal Heart from another scene."
Vagrant Story FMV Wallpaper [L][M][W] Lightsoul
"Two scenes from the opening movie merged together, with the Vagrant Story logo slapped on at the top."

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