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People haven't been using the Submission Guidelines. Therefore, I'm putting the cut-and-paste section of Submission Guidelines at the bottom of this page. Now all you have to do is move your cursor to the left of the first letter of it, press your mouse button, move your mouse to highlight all the text, right click, and choose "Copy", then go into your favorite mail program and create a new email. Right click, and choose "Paste". Then just fill in the information asked for. Rather simple, ne? Now you have no excuses! I'd go into evil enforcer mode and rant about how I can't use files that weren't submitted with the information included in the submission guidelines, but I'm not one to enforce. Besides, I haven't been a sparkling model of responsibility lately, what with letting MC slip this long. However, I'd like you to know that I am alive and well. I was just going through a fairly tough time at college (including finals, about 50 papers due at once, and the hassle of transfering). Well, that and Christmas. Christmas was pretty good this year. Nobody fought too much, and every present I gave was well recieved... except for the last 3 fake moustaches I gave to my brother. But it's not my fault they only came in a pack of 7, right? Besides, I gave 2 to my father also. Don't ask. My family is like that - we give more gag gifts than serious ones.

Anyway, I have a request for all you loyal MCers, and those of you who aren't quite so loyal yet - Send in Skies of Arcadia themes! This is one of the best games I've ever played, and one of only two that made me bounce up and down in my chair going "Cool! Cool! Cool!" For your information, the other was Chrono Cross. Now, SoA isn't for everyone. If you hate anime and cuteness, you probably want to give this one a miss. Not that it's overly sappy or anything. A good test for this is, "Did you play Grandia? Did you like it?" A bit of advice about this game - The first 4 or 5 hours are a bit tedious, but after that it picks up a bit. Some of my friends only played the game a half hour, saw only the annoying Aika, and the even more annoying Fina. If they had kept on going, they would have gotten the coolest character ever - Drachma. I'll say no more, because of the ever-increasing risk of spoiling some "major plot element".

Ah, yes. If any of you would be so kind as to look through the games page and tell me which games have a themes section, I would be most grateful if you would relay that information to me in the form of a .html or .txt list. The first person to do this would recieve an oppertunity to participate in an upcoming MC as a guest-MC Person, or perhaps even a spot guest-hosting in Google's column if I can twist hir arm (intentionally misspelled as a combination of him and her)

- Susan Emplit

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Featured Submission
Pretty waterfalls!
Rendered Wallpaper
Feature Focus
Name: Guifá
Tools Used: I did everything in Bryce 3D. First I designed the stairs, which are just ordinary steps, but then I cut an arc out on both sides to give it that inward-curve going up. Next I rendered in a separate document the painting, and then imported the render and gave a paper bump map. Next I designed the poles for the ropes, then put in the ropes (torus minus top half), then I put in the purple carpeting and finally put in the water by designing mountains, eroding them, stretching them as needed, and finally giving them a water texture. Walls were given a rock texture, Plants were given leave and sandstone textures, then the indentions where made in the wall with a negative pyramid. If anyone wants the 3D file, just email me, but be cautious that it takes two and a half days to render at 2048x1536.

"This picture was originally made for the "Reflections" Contest that the National PTA does. Then someone mentioned it looked a little liike Undine's palace in Seiken Densetsu 2. So I decided to submit it since I've not done any Adventures of Chronodin lately. And if anyone can think of a title for this that goes with the theme, "It would be really strange if..." I would -really- appreciate it."

User Files
Final Fantasy IX Collage Wallpaper 1024x768 [L][M][W] MagusX
"A background made by my friend Andrea, she has elite Photoshop skills that I lack. hehe :o) It's just some FFIX FMV shots put together in a nifty way."
Final Fantasy Movie Wallpaper 1024x768 [L][M][W] MagusX
"An overlay of the FFM logo on top of one of the render shots found on RPGamer."
Pokemon Gold and Silver Collage Wallpaper 800x600 [L][M][W] LightSoul
"It's a simple background with the three starting pokemon, the hero and the rival."

Cut And Paste Guidelines
Cut and Paste Submission Form (inspired by fanart)

Name: (Your online alias. Make sure that you always use the same name!)
Home Page: (the URL and name of your home page)
Game: (Fairly self-explanatory. What game or games your submission is based on)
File Type: (Is it a background? a skin? If so, for what program?)
Description: (Describe your submission. Any comments you'd like to make if your work is chosen for Feature Focus)
Tools Used: (How you made your submission, what programs you used, etc)

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