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Welcome to Theme Central!

    We are always open to suggestions, however, there are certain rules that must be followed in order to have your work considered for posting.

  1. Do not submit files in .bmp format
  2. Please, no ROM's, illegal MP3's, etcetera. RPGamer will not post such materials.
  3. Viruses are nasty. Make sure submission are virus-free.
  4. Files above 1024K (1 MB) must be uploaded to a separate server, and the URL's mailed to us. More than one file sent in one email is alright, if their total weight does not exceed 1536K,
  5. Please include all the information on the following submission form.
  6. Please only attach a thumbnail image if your submission is not a wallpaper (I have a script that will make thumbnails of wallpapers)
Cut and Paste Submission Form
Name: (Real name or alias. Make sure that you always use the same name!)
Website: (the URL and name of your website)
Game: (What game or games your submission is based on)
File Type: (Is it a background? a skin? If so, for what program?)
Description: (Describe your submission. Any comments you'd like to make.)
Tools Used: (How you made your submission, what programs you used, etc)


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