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Breath of Fire V: Dragon's Quarter
Submitter(s): Casey
Download: [800x600 (100.39k)], [1024x768 (144.57k)]
Comment: This is just a simple wallpaper I made of Nina and Ryu from BOFV. They, in my mind, stick out as a memorable part of the game and have a unique, yet inspiring relationship of some sorts. As soon as I got the artbook, I knew I had to make a desktop background of these two characters. The determination of Ryu is shown nicely in this picture, along with his source of motivation, Nina, in the backdrop of the sky. The text is from one of the early game trailors and is also shown in the game if you wait out the title screen. I've included a 800x600 and a 1024x768 version of the background. Credits to creators of the brushes I used.
Submitter(s): Matti Siponen
Download: [1024x768 (301.72k)]
Comment: Sweet wallpaper that includes BOF5 poster, logo and that sweet quote from the trailer.


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