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Suikogaiden Vol. 1
Submitter(s): The Ruloi Collective
Download: [800x600 (282.12k)]
Comment: I decided one day that there isn't enough stuff on the 'net about Nash Latkje. Since he's my favorite character from any Suikoden game in general, I thought I'd just throw together a crap wallpaper dedicated to him. Not too flashy, not too bright, and it's themed one color so it wouldn't be distracting. On the left, I had a sort of Nash x Sierra theme going on, and on the right, I have a Nash getting owned/about to get owned/almost got owned theme. In the middle are some of the lyrics to "Currents," the main theme of Suikogaiden. Slight lyrical error on one of the lines (which you're not really likely to see unless you know the song thoroughly, so I didn't think it'd be too much of a problem).


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