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Feature Submission
Paper Mario
Name: Halcyon Gaia
Tools Used: Photoshop CS
This was originally going to be a joke about how all of Bowser's henchmen are super cute, but I decided against cluttering up the wallpaper. The bowser in the background is sort of hard to see in bright light. Feel free to e-mail me for any other desired resolution.
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User Submissions
Brave Fencer Musashi Wallpaper [1024x768] Koyangi
Thumbnail So BFM wasn't the greatest game in the world... I still liked it. And so what if Fealle's a prick? She matches the scheme. :|
Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpaper [800x600] Kitt
Thumbnail What can I say; I love the couple. :)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [1024x768] Jujitzamu
Thumbnail I wasn't satisfied with the normal grey and black wallpaper, so I did this. ENJOY!
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [800x600] Doc
Thumbnail Just a simple wallpaper with a few layers and use of some brushes (and various Vincent pictures, of course)

Thumbnail Final Fantasy X-2 Ness
I'm Ness Wedge and I've got a costume submission for you!! This is only one of my costumes that I've made over the past few years. I don't really know if I'm going to be wearing it at work this month, but I'm wearing a new costume every shift I work and well, most of them are RPGish. If I get good pictures, I may send more.
Thumbnail Super Mario Series ASV
The stars of our show! Zack as Mario & Ted as Luigi
Thumbnail Super Mario Series ASV
Ted (Luigi) & Ashlie (Princess Daisy) together forever
Thumbnail Super Mario Series ASV
The anti-heroes! Ian as Wario & Zeb as Waluigi
Thumbnail Super Mario Series/Zelda Series ASV
Hyrule in da hizouse! Andy as Link & Ashlie as Princess Daisy

Company Files
Thumbnail Guild Wars
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x1200]
Thumbnail Guild Wars
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x1200]
Thumbnail Guild Wars
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x1200]
Thumbnail Guild Wars
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x1200]
Thumbnail Guild Wars
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1600x1200]

Things have sure been slim pickings the last few updates. Kudos to everybody that has sent in submissions! Extra Kudos for Ness and our very own lord of darkness and boss over all things interactive: Zach! So until next time, send in something! I don't bite...

- Ed Walker
Pretend this is a nifty signature image :)

Cut And Paste Guidelines
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Game: (What game or games your submission is based on)
File Type: (Is it a background? a skin? If so, for what program?)
Description: (Describe your submission. Any comments you'd like to make.)
Tools Used: (How you made your submission, what programs you used, etc)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! remember to put in a subject line like "Theme Submission" or "Wallpaper Submission". It is dif ficult to weed out the spam from the submissions when people leave the subject line blank!

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