iThemes iOctober i22nd, i2005

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Kingdom Hearts II
iName: Tarah Haack
iTools iUsed: Photoshop CS2
iComments: A PSP version of my "Sora Silhouette" desktop

iu s e r     is u b m i s s i o n s

Harvest Moon - A Wonderful Life iWallpaper [1152x864] Chinroku-sama
Thumbnail I fell in love with this picture when I saw it... there's just something so fun about having small children in games, so I decided to make a background out of it even taking into account my horrible background-making skills.
Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door iWallpaper [1600x1200] Tarah Haack
Thumbnail Nice little image of Hooktail, my favorite boss from Paper Mario 2.
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles iWallpaper [1600x1200] Tarah Haack
Thumbnail My rendition of Tristan's ferry from FFCC. The game should've had more Selkies. :)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess iWallpaper [1600x1200] Tarah Haack
Thumbnail Inspired by this screenshot

iC L O S I N G

This update is the product of not enough time in each earth day. I seem to recall once upon a time reading a study about how if a person is left with nothing that can be used as a time reference (clocks, day/night lighting, etc) that the body's natural biological clock will shift to something around a 30~36 hour day instead of 24 hour. As such, I'm feeling a bit silly right now, hence the really bad pun made all throughout this update at Apple's expense.

Tarah sent in a whole lot more stuff than what is posted here, I'm going to save some of it (including a bunch of PSP wallpapers) for next week's update. I'm also going to skip The Ancient iFiles (oops... did it again) this week.

- Ed Walker

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