Partial Plastic Flunkie October 1st, 2005

  Feature Submission  
Xenosaga Episode III
Name: Creid
Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Comments: "KOS-MOS and Shion of Xenosaga." Well images about XS-3 are a bit limited at the moment so i made use of the following character arts. I made the blue magical tech symbol and Zohar from scratch using Photoshop. The letters at the middle are greek, this translates to "The Will To Power, Beyond Good And Evil, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and God And Mind" which are the subtitles of the 4 existing Xeno games ^^

u s e r     s u b m i s s i o n s

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [1024x768] Phoenix
Thumbnail I loved these scenes in the movie and just HAD to make a wallpaper using screencaps.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [1024x768] Phoenix
Thumbnail Reno!!! And more Reno!!!! I absolutely LOVE these shots of Reno...think I could resist using them on a wallpaper?
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [1024x768] Phoenix
Thumbnail Kadaj. I wanted to try something different and went with a black and white theme with the exception of Kadaj's eyes to emphasize them.

t h e     a n c i e n t     f i l e s

Thumbnail Anarchy Online
Wallpaper [640x480] [800x600] [1024x768]
Thumbnail Anarchy Online
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768]
Thumbnail Atelier Lilie
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768]
Thumbnail Atelier Lilie
Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768]


Didn't get any new submissions since the last updates (the submissions this week are left over from stuff I got from last week) but I'm not sure if I had some problems with my e-mail for a couple of days. I check the inbox for themes and found... 7 e-mails. If you did happen to send in anything in the last week or so send it in again because I didn't get it.

This week's blurb brought to you by: Phil Clayton

- Ed Walker

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