Yard Ornament Mage September 10th, 2005

  Feature Submission  
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Name: Lawngnomesorceress
Tools Used: Photoshop
<Foxworth> anything you want to put in for your
	comments/description of the submissions?
<lawngnomesorceress> oh, just that they were all
	done in photoshop...
<lawngnomesorceress> make sure you tell people
	to not hotlink those lj icons.
<Foxworth> they can't :p
<lawngnomesorceress> I know, but warn them
	that they can't
<Foxworth> so you just want 'these were all done
	in photoshop' as the comment for every one?
<lawngnomesorceress> anyway, I'm starving and need
	to eat, sooo... I'l brb
<lawngnomesorceress> oh, ah, no.
<Foxworth> that's what I'm asking :p
<Foxworth> what do you want for the comment :p
<lawngnomesorceress> oh, well, nothing, I guess.
<Foxworth> ; ;
<Foxworth> maybe I'll just post this chat log for
	your comment :p
<lawngnomesorceress> XD
<Alethea> her comment should be "I made these in
	Photoshop. Hotlink them, and V'lanna will rip
	off your faaaaaaaaace."

u s e r     s u b m i s s i o n s

Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpaper [1280x800] Lawngnomesorceress
Thumbnail No Comment
Final Fantasy X-2 Avatar Icon [100x100] Lawngnomesorceress
Thumbnail No Comment
Final Fantasy X-2 Avatar Icon [100x100] Lawngnomesorceress
Thumbnail No Comment
Final Fantasy X-2 Avatar Icon [100x100] Lawngnomesorceress
Thumbnail No Comment


This update is a couple hours late this week due to some issues Rebecca had while trying to send me her submissions, but here they are (well, most of them, saving a couple for next week).

Over the last week or so I've been working on getting everything people have submitted since I took over this section into the archive for people to have access to. Well, that is now done! So why not go and check it out!

Some interesting tidbits about the archive. The top 3 games with the most submission are:

  1. Final Fantasy X-2 with 154 submissions
  2. Final Fantasy X with 146 submissions
  3. Final Fantasy VII with 112 submissions

The top 2 reader submitters are:

  1. Fifi Boyd with 51 submissions
  2. Matti Siponen with 33 submissions

- Ed Walker

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