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Chrono Trigger
Name: Neutronstar
Tools Used: The Gimp
Comments: A tribute to one of my favorite characters of all time from one of my favorite games of all time. SNES rules all. Did this wallpaper in Linux using The Gimp. Thought I'd share it with the crowd. Enjoy!
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User Submissions
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Wallpaper [1024x768] Chinroku
Thumbnail A wallpaper I made out of an adorable Zelda doujinshi. It actually turned out pretty good. It's my first wallpaper here on =D
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Wallpaper [1024x768] Terra
Thumbnail I loved this CG-image. I wanted to create something out of it of course!!
Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] Iridescent Hope
Thumbnail Blue Riku holding Papua fruit with Sora in the background, and with lyrics from Simple and Clean
Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] Iridescent Hope
Thumbnail Two Sora's, one from Kingdom Hearts and one from Chain of Memories, standing with the CoM logo between them, and the words: "Another Side, Another Story"
Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpaper [800x600] Silky Ways
Thumbnail Background I've made of Lenne. I made Lenne in the center myself. The rest of the background is made of snapshots from the game. This is my first submission on rpgamer :)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [1023x766] MistaCloudStrife
Thumbnail Just a simple wallpaper with Cloud and Aeris in a field of flowers...
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] WolfPhantom
Thumbnail Justed wanted to play with Photoshop
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper [800x600] [1024x768] [1280x1024] WolfPhantom
Thumbnail Justed wanted to play with Photoshop
Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpaper [1018x627] Craig Rogers
Thumbnail This is my first background, I'm curious to see what people think and any possible suggestions they may have.

Lot of good stuff this update, though I wouldn't really call it a lot. I was hoping to have gotten more submissions before doing an update. I can't really complain though with the quality of the submissions I did recieve so keep up the good work :)

- Ed Walker
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