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Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper [1024x768] Creid
Thumbnail I really wanted to make a wall of FF-XIII so bad after watching the E3 trailer. Sadly source materials for the game are kinda scarce at the moment. So I put together this little wall using a screenie of the games heroine in action. The screenshot's quality is a bit low but i still hope you guys will enjoy this. Cheers ^^
Final Fantasy (Various) Wallpaper [680x440] Oracle
Thumbnail Someone posted a similar image in the Square-Enix message forum that has been deleted, but since FF13 is in the works, and since Final Fantasy III now has a logo like the others, I felt it was time to make a new, updated FF wallpaper. All images were drawn by Yoshitaka Amano and other Square Artists I can't find the names of... "Where Fantasy Becomes Reality" is, I believe, a slogan of FF Tactics Advance...


Now that classes are basically over and life is getting just a little less hectic, I have returned! There's nothing like spending an extra 30 hours at school on top of your normal classes to make sure that the project gets done.

- Ed Walker

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