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Ever have one of those days where you do something incredubly stupid, not because of something you did but because of what somebody else had done? I had one of those days yesterday when I went to forward all the themes submissions from our webmail to my local account at home. I saw there was a nifty feature to batch forward a bunch of e-mails at once. I decided to try it. As it turns out, it sends all the e-mails as attachments in one e-mail. I didn't really want to do that, so I clicked 'Cancel'. And that was where I went wrong. Apparently when you use this method of batch forwarding, it's an all or nothing venture and by clicking 'Cancel' I comitted a cardinal sin in the eyes of the programmer as the client decided I must not actually want the e-mails anymore.

Long story short, if you submitted a wallpaper, it's gone now and needs to be re-sent. I know I had 2 submissions for the Minish Cap, and a couple assorted Final Fantasy submissions, but I never actually got a chance to see them before they were lost.

- Ed Walker
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! remember to put in a subject line like "Theme Submission" or "Wallpaper Submission". It is dif ficult to weed out the spam from the submissions when people leave the subject line blank!

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