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Tales of Eternia
Name: P. J. Reed
Tools Used: Photoshop 5.5
Comments: I've been playing ToE lately, and noticed a lack of ToE-related stuff on the 'net.. So I decided to make this, using some Celsius artwork I found on Namco's Japanese page. There are a few spots that could've used some more work, but given that this is my first background, I don't think it turned out badly.
Ed: I like the framing used in this wallpaper. Having the framed grayscale image of Celsius with the full color artwork in the corner makes for a wallpaper that isnít too busy while still being eye-catching.
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User Files
Breath of Fire IV Wallpaper [1024x768] Matti Siponen
[ Wallpaper ] Iīm currently making backgronuds of BoF4 characters. Scias is my favourite character and this is my first submission.
Breath of Fire IV Wallpaper [1024x768] Matti Siponen
[ Wallpaper ] My second Bof4 Background. Hope you like it!
Final Fantasy VIII Wallpaper [800x600] jediknight1382
[ Wallpaper ] I just received a scanner, so I just started to play with it. I took a picture of a secluded beach from the Virgin Islands. The picture is from Then scanned the picture from the strategy guide and placed on top of the beach. I think it came out okay, it's the first ever wallpaper I tried.
Final Fantasy X Wallpaper [1152x864] Chris Fox & Goldfox Designs
[ Wallpaper ] A montage of characters from Final fantasy X, putting emphasis on the three younger charcters; Tidus (17), Yuna (17) and Rikku (15). Texturised into the background, are 3 of the older characters; Auron, Lulu and Kimahri. All set against multicoloured water.
Final Fantasy [Windows Theme] Jamie Crothall
[ Windows Theme ] An honest and early attempt to make a theme that does NOT invovle 8-bit sprites and 8-bit music. Instead it has Amano artwork and Uematsu music!
Genso Suikoden Wallpaper [800x600] Jonatan L
[ Wallpaper ] Yet another Suikoden-themed wallpaper. This one depicts the entire McDohl family (well, almost - Sonya is missing), including Tir (AKA Hero McDohl), Gremio, Cleo, Pahn, Teo and Ted. All in all, I quite like this picture, but it's a little too chaotic for me to use it as a wallpaper... wah. Well, it's the best I could do, and someone else may not feel the same way. Hope you like it.
Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper [800x600] The Man in Crimson
[ Wallpaper ] I like the turnout very well... In fact, the only hard part of it was finding the images... I hope the size is right, that has been a problem.
Chrono Trigger Wallpaper [1024x768] Rob Saunders
[ Wallpaper ] Collage of scenic art.
Chrono Trigger Wallpaper [1024x768] Rob Saunders
[ Wallpaper ] Collage of scenic art, with character art.
Final Fantasy VIII Wallpaper [800x600] Sierra
[ Wallpaper ] This is a wallpaper I made of Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII.I got the idea for it from a Yuna wallpaper I saw on a friends site.It's actually my very first RPG wallpaper,and I'm rather proud of it^_^
Final Fantasy X Wallpaper [800x600] Philip Woods
[ Wallpaper ] This is a final fantasy 10 wallpaper that defines "cool".
Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper [1024x768] Squareboy2000
[ Wallpaper ] This is was first for an Aeris theme, but finally became what it is now. So it has Sephiroth, Aeris and Cloud with a Midgar background. I also took an image with this three character's face to make it look better. Hope you like it!
Final Fantasy 8/9/10 Wallpaper [800x600] Mimi
[ Wallpaper ] Collage of pics from Final Fantasy 8, 9, and 10 arranged into a convenient and compact wallpaper.
Final Fantasy X Wallpaper [1024x768] SweetGraphics
[ Wallpaper ] It's a bit busy for a background, I actually created this for print (300dpi). It's very deep with images. Images are CG shots from the game. I had to re-create the logo...I couldn't find one at a high enough res. Enjoy.

Time is flying by too fast. Oh well. I think I have my new schedule down and will having things be a bit more regular form now on. I hate adjusting to new class schedules, especially when it involves classes at 8:30AM with a closing shift at work the day before.

Log of good submissions this week month. Again, I apologize for the extreme lateness, and that this shouldnít happen now that I think Iím on schedule again

  - Ed Walker

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