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May 23, 2014

Welcome to another edition of the mailbag! The mailbag is a cold lonely place at the moment, which is why we didn't have one last week. That's OK, I know we're into school final season and other such distractions. Which could explain why I only had one write up for the Final Fantasy Second Chance contest at the deadline. I've extended it to the last day of May, but that will be the last day. Get those in!

Anyway, let's get to it.

- Michael "Wheels" Apps

This Edition's Contents:

False Logic

Is Transistor a Tactical RPG? Has levels, you can pause to issue orders. Even has a charge bar & moves take up dif amounts of bar

Wheels' Comment

I'd say it's more of a hybrid? There's certainly a conversation to be had there given how tactical the pause and order gameplay turns out to be. I'll have to dig into the full game to find out as I only really got to play the game at last year's PAX East. Ask me about this again in about a month!

What are your plans once you abandon Mailbag?

Wheels' Comment

I'll start tackling some other writing projects at RPGamer that I've long put on the shelf, including the fabled .hack review I had planned to write up ages ago. So yeah, lots of other writing I want to do that will be much easier once I'm not putting up one of these every week. Maybe I'll even take some time to pester the new Mailbag host?

Why don't you do LPs or Stream or junk like that?

Wheels' Comment

I did try to do a written LP at one point back in the day, but didn't really enjoy it. The idea of streaming and video LPs does interest me though so I may do so at some point. Now that I have a PS4, I'll probably give streaming more of a try in the near future. Anything on the system you'd be interested in seeing me fail horribly at?

Do you think the marginalization of RPGs is partly due to the fact that RPGs won? Everything has RPG elements in it now.

Wheels' Comment

Have RPGs won? Though tons of games are finding tons of depth by adding RPG elements, it seems like an equal number of RPGs are dialing down the complexity for the sake of being more mainstream. Not that this is always bad (Mass Effect 2 plays much better than the original, sorry folks), but it certainly is worrying. Complexity is not always bad! Good thing we still have Dark Souls.

How many more of these questions do you need? I can go all day. IF @BEAT_TWITTAR get's involved you're in trouble

Wheels' Comment

There is no limit to the number of questions I will accept!

What is your favorite non RPG that has RPG elements in it? I think my fave would be Deus Ex.


Wheels' Comment

That's a tough question to answer, since then we get into the discussion of whether those games are actually just RPGs. I'm just going to answer with Infamous though. Already a fantastically put together open-world action game, the addition of experience you can use to unlock and enhance abilities is great. It's not just window dressing either, Infamous has a diverse array of abilities and this system allows for multiple different ways to play the game. The moral of the story is all games should be RPGs.

Just Let Me Jump!

Is it too much to ask to be able to jump in Ys Seven?


Wheels' Comment


Seriously though, I understand your complaint. The Ys games based around Ys VI's engine played so spectacularly using the jumping mechanic. That said, it's not something that has always been in the series, so I see no issue with trying something different for Ys Seven. Perhaps they'll go back to it if they ever remake Ys V? I will say, the idea of an Ys game with Ys Seven's mechanics that actually includes jumping is very appealing. We'll see what tricks Falcom has up their sleaves!

Top Tweets

Wheels' Comment

This is referring to HR6 quests in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate suddenly doubling in number once you think you've almost completed them all. I'm surprised it does that for the next level too (HR6 and up are the G rank quests) since you should have a handle on these very challenging quests by then. Anyway, I've been very impressed with the difficulty in this high tier of Monster Hunter play. Even previously very easy monsters hit hard and can quickly take down a player who isn't playing carefully. I did manage to find a group taking on G Rank Brachydios quests, so I was able to get a bunch of parts to upgrade my gunlance and get started on some excellent armor well before I had access to those quests myself. Pretty sweet! Anyways, my Monster Hunter game clock is now in excess of one hundred and ten hours, so I should probably get back to it...

Hot Topics

Here are some hot topics I've seen around the net:

  • JRPGs don't seem to be having much trouble selling decently in the West, so where has Dragon Quest gone?
  • Atlus is quickly loading up PSN with their PS2 classics. What other Atlus PS2 releases would you like to see on PSN?
  • If Child of Light is a success, will we see more RPGs with the UbiArt engine?
  • Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

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See you next week!

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