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February 14, 2014

Welcome to another edition of the Mailbag! Since the last episode we've gotten some new announcements, the fantastic Bravely Default has been released, and most important, Dragon Quest VII 3DS is still without a localization! At least we're getting Mugen Souls Z right? Oh what a cruel dark world it is. Anyway, let's dig right in to this week's content.

- Michael "Wheels" Apps"

This Edition's Contents:

LOL Whoops

What is the mailbag? Replacement for the Q&A thread?

Wheels' Comment

It is! Q&A is no more. The mailbag seems a much more appropriate name given the frequent lack of questions and answers. Plus we've got moogles now.

If so, maybe i can ask questions? I like asking things.

Have you ever sold some stuff from your gaming collection to pay for other things? Maybe new computers or heat in the winter time. Whatever you needed!

Wheels' Comment

You are more than welcome to ask questions!

I have sold some stuff from my gaming collection to pay for other things. However it's generally selling that stuff to buy more gaming products of some kind. I tend to do some random purchases so sometimes I've got some games I don't particularly want to keep around which makes deciding to sell them a lot easier.

What is your favourite gaming trilogy?

Wheels' Comment

That would be a tough call, but with the general sequel focused mindset of the industry these days it's sometimes hard to find a series that hasn't grown beyond three games. Heck we even have three Valhalla Knights games for some reason! Then again it is often easy to split up a large serious into subsets, often trilogies. For non-RPGs I would have to say the original Halo trilogy, slightly edging the Marathon Trilogy. My favorite set of shooters, I spent way more time playing those games, especially Halo 2 online, than anything else. As for RPGs, I don't think I can choose anything but the Mass Effect trilogy. Ignoring any issues the ending have, there is an incredible time to be had with those games with the obvious benefit of chooses carrying from one game to the next. In a very narrow second are the trilogy of SaGa games on GameBoy, losing out only because the third one wasn't great until it was remade on DS.

Is there an RPG that could use a prequel that has never received one?

Wheels' Comment

I would say Final Fantasy VI. Its ending doesn't leave room for a sequel, but a lot about the back story leaves room for a prequel. There are even multiple different story elements that could be tackled. You could explore the origin of the Returners and their leader. You could delve into Shadow's past. Heck you could even do a light-hearted origin story for Gogo. There are many avenues they could take! Make it so Square Enix.

Mechs, mecha, giant robots. Last game played revolving around them?

Wheels' Comment

That would have to be either Armored Core V or Armored Core: For Answer. Though I'm generally not very good at the series, I've picked up random entries at times and had a pretty good time just messing around with the customization options. Hopefully at some point I'll actually be pretty good at one of them. Anyway, For Answer seemed to be an especially good addition to the series.

More things should be like the Deluxe Vault Hunter Edition of Borderlands 2 and include bobbleheads as a goodie. Agree or disagree?

Wheels' Comment

Absolutely agree. Bobbleheads are great! I'd really love to see more interesting components to collectors editions. Way too many of them come with a sub-par art-book and not much else. As much as I didn't want to deal with Square Enix's online store, the pocket watch in that Lightning Returns collectors edition was very tempting.

Notable bobbleheads in gaming other than Fallout? Can you collect them in real life?

Wheels' Comment

I can't really think of one of than Fallout and Borderlands 2. Have there even been any others? I'm not sure how realistic a collection  of gaming bobbleheads would be.

How would you go about creating a horror RPG? Setting? Main character? Final boss?

Wheels' Comment

A horror RPG? That's a tough one. I'm not sure! That type of game usual deals with limited resources and the ability to level up and gain new powers may counteract that. Going to have to think more on this one.

what video game food do you wish was real?

Wheels' Comment

Mole rat meat from Fallout 3.

Those are questions. Now, rants or other commentaries will come again when I'm sufficiently bored. You be warned!


Wheels' Comment

My flame shields have been set to maximum capacity!

Why Not Zoidberg?

Huzzah!! Question time!

Wheels' Comment

Excellent! Bring them on!

What is your favorite SNES RPG?

Wheels' Comment

That would have to be Final Fantasy VI. There's  a number of close seconds such as Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Illusion of Gaia, but they can't quite top the king. I'm still holding out hope for a nice update of Final Fantasy VI akin to the DS version of Final Fantasy IV, as I'd love a new way to play this classic.

Favorite Western RPG?

Wheels' Comment

That's a tough question. My go to answer would be Baldur's Gate 2, but in the years since that came out I've played a large variety of interesting Western RPGs. The answer will mostly just be a BioWare game anyway, so I'm just going to stick to Baldur's Gate 2. A brilliant Dungeons and Dragons based RPG, it has become a revered classic. There's tons of dungeons to explore, a great story, deep mechanics, and even some brilliant voice acting which wasn't always common at the time. If you've never played it, you should!

Would you know what to do with yourself if a Japanese developer could so closely approximate a Western style RPG that you couldn't tell the difference between the two?

Wheels' Comment

I'd probably be pretty bored. Variety is the spice of life and I'm happier with RPGs from the different regions providing very different experiences. So I guess what I'd do with myself is make my own RPGs at that point? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.

Can I ask questions every week?

Wheels' Comment

You can ask questions as often as you like! I may not get to them as quickly, but that's OK. Ask away!

Favorite video game trope found in an RPG?


Wheels' Comment

Story choicecs. No other genre does them as well as RPGs, so they are naturally at home there. There's plenty of non-RPGs that do decent enough things with them, but nothing outside of RPGs can handle anything on the level of say, Mass Effect, with your choices resonated through all three games in the trilogy.

Top Tweets

Wheels' Comment

Well that sure is an onslaught of tweets!

What on Earth is a Sengoku Basara?

I'm all for customization of difficulty/playstyle. No doubt Bravely Default and Disgaea 2 have some of the best options out there, as they're some of the few that go beyond a simple difficulty option. Balancing multiple difficulties well can be challenging, but when pulled off correctly it makes a game enjoyable for players of all different skill levels. Take Fire Emblem awakening for example. The difficulty options were a big reason that game was more appealing than any previous entry before it. Disgaea D2 is a bit more interesting because it really allows you closely fine tune your experience. Both games are quite good and I'm hope more follow in their footsteps.

As for rules for playing a game? I've never really used a ruleset per say, though I do occasionally do things to taylor the experience of a game more towards me. For example I ignored many side quests and ran from fights in Final Fantasy XIII-2 to make sure the battles never got too easy. The idea certainly intrigues me though, as it can add a new layer to old games. I will have to try and come up with something for Final Fantasy VI!

Hot Topics

Here's some hot topics I've seen around the net:

  • What do you think of the new Sonic Boom cartoon and game combo?
  • Still no Dragon Quest VII 3DS for the West?
  • Will we hear about new BioWare projects beyond Dragon Age: Inquisition soon?

See you next week!

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