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[ Votes: 225]
Squarenet Kyle Smith
Find info, multimedia, and much more on all of your favorite SquareSoft games here!

[ Votes: 299]
Castle Keep: The Review Palace Zephyr Blayze
A website of game reviews, done by a staff of 8 people. Reviews are available for many different genres on all major platforms (a large percentage of the games are RPGs).

[ Votes: 179]
Ladies of Squaresoft Frustrated
RPG information, Female RPG character profiles, mp3s, and a sweet lovable webmaster.

[ Votes: 117]
RPGStuff - Video Games, Anime, and Chaos! Amber
Classic site, still under massive re-construction... future features include a massive Playstation utility section, and updates to ....the other sections. ;) Big MIDI archive as well.

[ Votes: 122]
video game humor Defiled
the first few times I tried sending this it wouldn't go through, so I don't know if you might have received the description or not. Anyways here it is: Funny Video Game related humor for anyone who's held a controller. Funny fanfiction, fake screenshot

[ Votes: 16]
The Dark Side of the Role Playing Moon Dan Vincent
A (small) RPG site focusing on fan work, music, and many miscellaneous topics that are sure to brighten your day!

[ Votes: 44]
Darth Fett's RPG HQ DaRTHFeTT
Hey, sup. I think you'll like my site, I dont wanna brag but its pretty god for a guy who hasn't reached high school yet. It hasn't benn updated for a while- ill try to add more as soon as I can. Let me know what you think. L8er

[ Votes: 41]
The Whole in the Universe: Fanfics Bubbawheat
Fanfiction just off the mainstream. Many fanfics for games like SaGa Frontier and Persona, as well as over 2,000 signs that you may be playing too much video games.

[ Votes: 77]
The SquareFiction Library Chris Serani
The SquareFiction Library is a fanfic hosting site which has MANY fanfics by Square games, but is expanding into others as well. The site loads quickly as well :) Check it out!

[ Votes: 15]
The Realm of Chaos Doug Smith
This site is devoted mainly to short biographys on the many baddies in the rpg realm and beyond. We are constantly updating so stop by often. Visit the maps section for custom maps made for various games.

[ Votes: 54]
RpgNetwork Snoopsoo7
Hello and welcome to your one stop for all your Rpg needs. Are site will be up as fast as posible. We will have top news on all the best games.We also will have release dates,rewiews and much much more!!!

[ Votes: 26]
The Alpha Highwind RydiaMist
This site has codes, info, pics, and more for The final fantasy games, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger. It also has MP3's, MIDI and more!

[ Votes: 5]
station tsunami Mu Tsunami
The focus is mainly on the CG gallery, including fanarts and originals. Also included are the totally self-opiniated music page, the "station" page covering games and random shtuffs I like and some other. Tsubababababa!! (>v<)

[ Votes: 23]
Game Review City Scott Mancuso
Although it hasn't been updatd in awhile, (god, almost 2 months) but that's sure to change soon, it's a game review site run by five or so guys with our complete unbiassed opinnions and added humor. It also hits other genres besides rpg's. Thanks

[ Votes: 9]
The Pit Stop Adam
Pretty much a rip-off of every other site out there. In other words: A must see!
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