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[ Votes: 149]
Final Fantasy RPG Yardsale
Welcome to Final Fantasy RPG! The home of the world-renown Final Fantasy RPG Play By E-mail. We currently have quite a number of participants playing various characters which were built using the Returner's FFRPG system, but we've got room for more potent

[ Votes: 93]
World of Final Fantasy III Mikel Tidwell
The World of Final Fantasy III (VIj) is a place where you can explore the World of Balance. To help you on your way, Tour Guides Locke and Terra travel with you as you meet the rest of the FF6 cast.

[ Votes: 94]
The Neo-Highwind Sharleen Hii
Pertains mostly to Square's Final Fantasy series, but features other games as well. Also features some weird stuff like a gallery of edited pictures for your amusement, info on Final Fantasy's many Cids, trivia, and more.

[ Votes: 77]
Dragon Ball Shrin Shaun
Dedicated site to give you loads of info on the hit DBZ and the other sagas created by Akira Toriyama.

[ Votes: 81]
The Legend of Suikoden Michael Huh
This is a website that is dedicated to Konami's flagship RPG series, Suikoden. It features character information on the "Stars of Destiny" in both Suikoden I and II. More character information will be updated frequently as time goes on. It also has an ima

[ Votes: 48]
Southern Cross Webpage Nuku Valente
A web page for an online text game based on Final Fantasy

[ Votes: 23]
Dragonball z Power trip Jason Ely
a site which has info on dbz and stuff

[ Votes: 62] Ultimoo
Within less than a year, has become hands down the internet leader in information, coverage, media, and other fun original content based on the cult-classic SNES RPG, EarthBound. The site has also been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly

[ Votes: 45]
Final Fantasy Fortress Armando Poveda
Final Fantasy fortress is my triute to the Final Fantasy Series. It has fanfics, even some silly ones I wrote, and music. Nothing special about it yet, though.

[ Votes: 13]
Who is the Man in Black? Pat Clark
My homepage for the story I submitted and had posted on RPGAMER called "The Man in Black". Includes additional information and pseudo-original pics from Chrono Trigger.

[ Votes: 12]
The Galaxy Gym Uiru
The one-stop source for Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow data. Every concieveable facet of the game is covered with exhaustive detail. Attack power, accuracy, levels, elements, and the ever-sarcastic PokéFrog- what more could you want?

[ Votes: 9]
One-Stop Tales of Destiny Site!!! Igtenos
A site containing all you need for Namco's Tales of Destiny: secrets, pics, walkthroughs, links, fanpics and fanfics, and more! Also home of the TofD webring and the TofD message board.

[ Votes: 16]
Uiru's Pokémon FanFiction Uiru
My personal Pokémon fanfiction page. Currently includes the incredibly popular Pokémon: Fire Strike trilogy and Pokémon Academy series. Lots of others have enjoyed them immensely, why shouldn't you?

[ Votes: 6]
Suikoden's Stars of Destiny Nick Boice
Covers Suikoden 1 and 2.

[ Votes: 3]
The Final Fantasy Discussion List Brand
Home to the Final Fantasy Discussion List. It's where to join, and learn more about the FFDL.
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